Hoorray - We've decided to go online!

Hoorray - We've decided to go online!



Now is the time to show the world what DGK is. We want to further strengthen and empower our little project by exposing it to a much larger audience. An audience that is worldwide. But how does our entire local mindset compute with the core idea of buying from local artisans and craftspeople?


Well, we've figured this: Ærø and Denmark are not the only places where the little local communities are drained and suffocated by centralization and globalization. All over the Western world, we see the decline of craftsmanship in favour of mass production. We see industrialized farming that ruins the environment and creates no jobs at all, because these computerized and factorylike farms can be managed by crews as small as 3 or 4 people. We see animals suffering horribly having been reduced to units rather than living creatures, and we see larger and larger monocultural cropfields devoid of any kinds of natural flora or vegetation, and toxic to bees and other insects.


As we see it, being local and working with sustainable products can be a global thing. As well as selling you our local products, no matter if you're in Sydney, Singapore or Savannah, we believe in supporting local producers all over the world. Because why should the little enterprises with less care for profit and a bleeding heart for environment and community not benefit from a global marketplace bound together by the Internet?


So, we believe in a glocal form: Produce it locally - promote it globally. Because, when you buy a locally produced item from anywhere in the world, you're not only getting something that's good for you or something that you will probably be keeping for a long time; you're also picking up on a powerful message. The message that we all do better when we all do better!

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